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Battery booster/jump starter pack

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Any of you guys use one of these or recommend a particular size? Battery booster
This is the list from Autozone, but Sam's had a combo 450amp booster and inflator for $49.99. I've got some good 4 guage jumper cables that I usually keep in the Ridgeline, but I was wondering if one of these gizmos would be a good thing to have and what power I might need.

Would a 450 amp fire up the Ridgeline if the battery went out? I think our battery is rated 600 or 700 amps, isn't it?
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Just remember that these things need to be replaced every few years, they're just like batteries in our other rechargeable tools. Also remember that they lose charge over time, so charge them up at least quarterly. I have a HUSKY (HD) that's been great over the last five years or so, but it's been relegated to the home preparedness shelf for general power. I bought a new Charger for the RL to proved a bigger punch when needed.
Just an afterthought, check the warranty out, and buy the one with the longest warranty. Keep the box/receipt. Close to the warranty? check it out and see how long it's holding a charge and decide if it needs to be returned.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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