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Well, alternator is good. Putting out 14+ volts. Charged battery now at 12.6V.
Load tested battery at auto parts place and only concern is that is was 400CCA.
The battery is rated 700. This is acceptable to them as they won't replace the battery unless the tester says to.

I do only drive about 1.5 miles to work every day. (lucky me) Maybe the extreme cold and the short run times didn't allow adequate charging.

I checked for parasitic drain with a meter and strangely saw none. I may recheck with a small light on just to make sure my setup is correct.

Has my battery been compromised or damaged to where it will never be at it's rated specs? It's warming up this week and maybe I'll take the long way to work for awhile to give it more time to charge up.
You may want to use a trickle charger on your battery leaving it charge for a couple of days (if you can afford not to drive the Ridgeline for that much time?) The lower the charging amperage, the better.

Batteries can get what is known as a surface charge that indicates the battery is good, but there is no longevity to battery life. Most of the time a battery with a surface charge can be brought back to life using a low amp trickle charger that gives the battery a deep charge (which is much better for the battery). The alternator on the vehicle will indeed charge the battery! But, nothing makes a battery happier than a slow deep charge.

If deciding to use a trickle charger, make sure it has an automatic cut off once the battery being charged reaches it's optimal charge. Failing to do so can cause premature damage to the battery as some battery failures are actually due to overcharging. Overcharging pushes out the acid exposing the plates inside of the battery. Though overcharging doesn't seem to be the case with your electrical system. Your problem sounds like the battery is surface charged and can't rebound because of the short distance you drive each day.
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