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The real answer is NONE according to the Honda exterior finishes people, but many of them say Turtle Wax Ice is the least dangerous. NEVER put anything on the headlight lenses... that's the #1 cause for lens clouding. PUT NOTHING ON THEM other can clean water and a mild detergent for car washing (not the strong stuff that removes bugs and tar, etc.).

The clear coat is sealed and nothing you put on it will matter in the long run. Just a temporary polish that does nothing to improve the longevity of the paint itself. As a matter of fact it may reduce the life of the paint and other products.

Straight from a top person in the field less than a week ago. His STRONG advice... use NOTHING, but keep it clean. Never use a wax of any kind. A polish like Ice is far superior to any wax.

As for Black... you're screwed no matter what you do. It shows dirt, dings, scratches and is hard on the A/C system. Anything you put on the paint will likely result in swirl marks.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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