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I don't think there's an end-all-be-all wax for black paint. I've used lots of waxes and one I can recommend from experience is the P21S carnauba. You only need a very thin coat and it buffs off really easy with no streaking or dust residue.

Not sure if your RL is brand new or not. If its not brand new, the effectiveness of any wax will depend on the paint condition and potential prep needed. More important than the final coat of wax is how you get there before the wax. If your vehicle has spider-webbing then any of those gentle wipe-on products won't cut the mustard - they may offer a short-term hiding of the issue but to fix the spider-webbing properly it will require paint correction. Depending on the severity you would need to polish with random-orbital or circular machine. Prior to polishing you may also need to clay your vehicle. Only when the paint is perfectly clean and scratch free will you get optimal results from wax.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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