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So I took by BE to a detail shop today to get a quote on removing the swirl marks. The car wash that was the problem has a way to driver through without any brushes touching it and I am going to try that option to make sure the swirl marks don't come back.

The detail guy immediately said he knew what my problem was.....paint OVER SPRAY! He went to his shop and came back with a clay block and spray bottle and rubbed on my tailgate and the over spray was gone! I was close to my dealer so I went by there and spoke with my tech and the regional service manager happened to be there. Turns out the back tailgate of my truck has been painted and whomever did it, didn't do it right. The regional manager is going to look into the production of my truck and determine if there were any issues going through the assembly line. They believe it was damaged in transit and painted by the dealer that I bought the truck from. I called that dealer and questioned it and the sales manager wasn't there so they are going to call me back tomorrow. If you look VERY closely you can see some imperfections in the paint on the tailgate. The overs spray is on both rear quarter panels as well. The regional manager didn't recommend painting the entire truck again (although, he said that is one of my options) but did say that they would reimburse me for the work that the detail shop does to make it right which is $200. The detailer will get the swirl marks out of the paint but he won't get the paint imperfections completely out. If the dealer that I bought the truck from admits that they did paint the tailgate, I may have them take the tailgate off and repaint just the tailgate again. This is getting messy!
Don't forget to throw out the dimishment in value. Who would ever buy a brand new vehicle with a wreck already on it. I'm sure it would have left you in a stronger buying position. They tried to cover it up and did a shifty job. I'd ask for some compensation sir.

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1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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