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Big Tire Testimonials

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I thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going as a reference guide of sorts for people in the market for larger tires. There is a lot of great information in a lot of different threads, but it would be nice to have a bunch of brief testimonials all in one thread for easy comparison. So if you've put larger tires on your Ridgeline, and feel like giving brief testimonial, tell us what you think so far.

1. What model and size tire did you put on?
2. Any rubbing?
3. How did it effect your ride/handling?
4. Have you carried a load in the bed yet (or fill the cab with people)? If so, how much weight and how'd it go?
5. Have you gone off road or in the snow yet? How'd the tires do?
6. Post your favorite picture.
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Knowing the wheel offset of any custom rims is essential to interpreting any statements regarding tire clearance/rubbing.
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