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My order 07 has a full sized spare that I replaced the mini one with and it fits great in the well. Now the new 17 model has a much lower compartment for the spare so no full sized one can be carried except in the bed somehow. I tow a lot and sure would hate to get a flat and not have a full sized spare. My boat is right at the 5000# tow limit. Would hate to use a mini spare for that.

The fact that a full sized spare won't fit in the well really bothers me and is one of the reasons I won't be upgrading to the new model. I use a tonneau cover and wouldn't be able to with the vertical mount spare in the bed.

As to using "slime" - I know several tire dealers here in my home town that refuse to do anything with a tire/wheel that has been slimed. It is the first question they ask when needing a flat repaired. Good luck with using that.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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