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Bit the bullet just call me BobRamoVal

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Well I finally bit the bullet and purchased a bed cover for my RTL-T

It has always been a toss up between the AIR LSII and the Diamond Back

Look I wanted
Locked the tailgate
keep everything as dry as possible

Not sure if anything of any weight could be put on top of it
Not sure how far you can drive with the top up and open and how much it could be open
Not so easy off (not a single person job)
Dealer with best price is 2 hour drive (4 hour round trip)
Fiberglass (rarely) sometimes cracks (some from just flexing)

Diamond Back
keep everything as dry as possible
could put a lot of weight on top of it
easy off doors
gets delivered to me
there is no reason this (diamond plate) should not last for years.

Did not lock the tailgate
More rugged as I call it Rambo look then I wanted

I kept leaning one way then another until yesterday.
We live about 1 1/2 hours from any major city and big box stores and monthly go to Sam's Club.
Now sometimes when we are there (as my wife counts at least 4 times a year) we purchase or want to purchase something (on the spur of the moment) that is too large to fit into her Jeep Grand Cherokee

So that is the bottom line it comes down to Convenience more than everything else.

Called Jerry at Diamond Back and ordered the SE (yes it is in Black, for my ridgeline)

So maybe I should now change my Screen Name from BobVal to BobRamoVal

Problem is that just got an email from Jerry moments before I was calling there is a 2 week back log
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Congrats! I'm sure you will enjoy it, the wait is long but worth it. Mine actually arrived BEFORE the estimated shipping date!
...So maybe I should now change my Screen Name from BobVal to BobRamoVal...
If your Serious, here's how to do that...

is it possible to change my screen name?
Congrads Bob... I am waiting on my Diamondback HD. Guess I need to think about changing my name to "RamboHawk"... lol

I went back and forth and back and forth. Then once I picked the DBack, it was SE vs. HD. I do some things where the HD will be needed as I will have around 6-700 Lbs on the cover for events for the Radio Station I run here in Dayton. I got a good deal so went for it about a week ago. Now the weeks of waiting!! I am now working on how to secure the tailgate. I really perfer a manual/key lock. I just don't want the electronic lock on the tail gate working as often as the doors of the truck. I may go electronic but mount a switch near the Fuel door manual release to enable or disable the circuit to the lock. This would also help for when I give the truck to someone to park or service the truck and want the rear area locked so they can not enter it.

When you get it on... send Photos!!

worthless without pictures !!
Gotta wait until it gets here for pictures
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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