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For all adventure seekers, CARiD offers a gorgeous cargo carrying setup from Heininger at a heavily reduced price.

Purchase any Advantage series products and save up to 15% Off.

The company has developed a wide variety of top-notch bike and roof racks, soft tops, trailer hitches and hitch extensions to fit any budget and any ride. No matter if you're taking a long route or just get out for a short trip, Heininger at CARiD will provide you with everything required to make your ride smooth and safe.

Bike Racks, Cargo Carriers, Pet Travel Products by Heininger at

Transport your belongings with confidence! The prices are already reduced.

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I purchased it through a different vendor and with taxes, ended up paying $171 and received it two days ago. Unpacked it and inspected it yesterday and it looks pretty solid. Recommendation is to change the hitch locking pin to something that is keyed. overall, it looks well put together.
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