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Bluetooth seems off (5" HU)

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I recently purchased a 2017 Ridgeline RTL. I enjoy just about everything about the truck.

One thing that is really driving me crazy though is that the bluetooth seems very off. I have an iPhone 6 and can listen to music through the truck speakers fine and control the volume and cycle through songs fine.

However, I will often try and respond to text messages or enter map information into my phone using the microphone and it just doesn't work. I cannot use the car microphone to enter text into my phone. I have a 2012 RAV4 base model and I can do that just fine. I can't believe that this is intentional so I am probably doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what. If it is not a feature than I feel bamboozled.

Thanks for anyone who can help or at least commiserate.
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re: Bluetooth seems off (5" HU)

There are a couple other people experiencing the exact same issue with the RTL and lower trim levels. This is a huge turn off for me as I use my iPhone's dictation feature to respond to numerous texts throughout the day while in the car. I have been doing this for years with my Volkswagen and Audi. I think this is a glaring omission on Honda's part for non car play equipped head units.
re: Bluetooth seems off (5" HU)

Unfortunately, I don't think this is an "omission" I'd say this is only motivated to force "Up Sell" to the RTL-T, RTL-E and BE.
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