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Bob's 3.7L M90 Supercharged Build

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Here is my current progress. Going to use the stock intake mani spacer to keep the torque curve low. Already have KTuner and Bisimoto is gonna take care of the actual tuning.

305hp on tap will be a HUGE improvement. :grin:


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Awesome work, the attention to detail is really going to pay off in the long run. Please keep the updates, photos (or better yet, videos) coming!
Well that escalated rather quickly....

Go for it, be sure to shoot tons of pix and vids!
I'm mostly worried about SC height and it fitting under the hood with the intercooler.
WWRFD (What would Rat-Fink do?) Buff the SC to a high sheen, cut a hole in the hood and viola, problem solved!
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