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Bob's 3.7L M90 Supercharged Build

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Here is my current progress. Going to use the stock intake mani spacer to keep the torque curve low. Already have KTuner and Bisimoto is gonna take care of the actual tuning.

305hp on tap will be a HUGE improvement. :grin:


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· 5w30 M1 High Mileage Engine Oil (will not use 20wt oil, too many cases of engine damage, cam wear etc…)

· Remote spin-on ATF Filter
Yup. We too use 0W30 or 5W30 in all our RL's, of course all our engines have less than 10k driven by the time we sell them. Same goes for our 2013-2016 CRV and Accord models. We pay typically 1.50 or at most 2.00 / qt for synthetic M1 AFE, on sale every December at Autozone and we stock up to 50 gallons or more.

As to the ATF filter, any pictures ?
1 - 2 of 289 Posts
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