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Bob's 3.7L M90 Supercharged Build

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Here is my current progress. Going to use the stock intake mani spacer to keep the torque curve low. Already have KTuner and Bisimoto is gonna take care of the actual tuning.

305hp on tap will be a HUGE improvement. :grin:


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Thank you I am glad to add something of interest to the 1g RL forum! I have been on here reading a ton since I bought the truck and wanted to have a good reason to post. I figured this was it!

I just received another revision to the tune and it is really coming alive. I did a few 0-60 runs and mind you, I always have a full size spare plus a couple hundred pounds of tools and other stuff in the truck. Stock was right at 9 seconds and now my best run was 7.5 with the average being 7.7 seconds. I am VERY happy with the swap.
Man I'm so glad you did this. I remember reading a thread a long time ago on here and i think Csimo saying Honda or someone did produce a 3.7 Ridgeline and saying it sucked, or if I remember the wording correctly "it was a dog". I always thought how?? I've driven the 3.7 MDXs and TLs and they've been bomb, and they're not that far off from the weight of the Ridgeline. Anyways I didnt buy that them and I definitely don't now. :)

You rock man. Keep it up. How about a 0-60 video? Startup vid? Let's hear that bad boy.
I read and thought the same thing! My buddies 2008 MDX and my mothers 2012 TL SHAWD are awesome. I always just felt like that comment was crazy. I mean I understand that the rest of the power train will wear faster but I am more than willing to take risk. Either they didnt want the liability regarding reliability or they didn't know what they were doing haha. I am extremely happy with the setup.

I'm out on business now and return on Sunday. Ill try to get a couple vids for you guys.
Yeah man. My friend has a 3.7 Mdx Elite and it would always take my Ridgeline. Not my Accord though, :D haha.

Like I said I'd love a few videos if you have the time. Thanks boss, you rock. It's great to see some interesting content on here.

Here is a startup vid for you guys. I will have some driving clips tomorrow. Life has been chaotic getting home sorry for the lack of quality!
Hey man she sounds like she's running great.

Is there a small exhaust leak? Maybe straight piped cats? Just sounds a little buzzy, possibly just the cameras sound and it's probably cold. Sounds like she's a cold start.

I've noticed the 3.5 in my accord sounds like that for the first 15 seconds or so when I cold start it and then it like "clicks off" and it's quiet as a mouse.

Either way what a successful swap, man. Which starter did you use? It sounds like the same starter on those 09+ Ridgelines.
I have a dyno tuning appointment at Bisimoto on June 14th so I will have some numbers at that time.
Right on! What does the stock Ridgeline make? Has anyone done one?
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