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I just took delivery on my 2017 Ridgeline Friday. I definitely want to install body side molding, because as is the sides will certainly be prone to door dings. I've studied the Honda body side molding, but I notice that, if placed properly (lower on the door), it provides little or no protection from car doors. My thought is that it needs to be installed about 12 inches higher than Honda shows in their examples. I'm also open to other body side molding sources so long as I can get molding that is a color match and the molding looks good when installed.

I'd like to know what any of you other 2017 Ridgeline owners have done with regard to body side molding. If any of you have installed the Honda side molding in a higher position, I'd like to see some pictures and get your opinion on how it looks.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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