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Boston Acoustics S65rc Speaker Install

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I started a new thread since most of the others are about Infinity.

I swapped all 4 door speakers to Boston Acoustics S65rc. My reason for selecting these speakers was due to their quote "designed to be ideal for Honda". Also I like the fact they came with their own spacers, foam rings and a variety of screws for installation.

See the picture below, they came with a 1/2 inch spacer and I did not need to use the Crutchfield supplied spacer. Drilled 4 holes and let the screws tap themselves into the undersized hole. Fit is good and covers most of the OEM hole.

Sound Quality:
The overall range of frequencies present is greatly increased over the stock speakers, including the missing high end :) . However the sensitivity is very different and there is a volume loss of around 15% :( . This could be due to the size of the woofer cone which is much smaller or the magnet size being much larger and there is just not enough power. I estimate the power with the 160 watt system is 25 to each door and 60 to the sub with around 1-2% THD at full volume. This would be right in line with many of the low cost audio power amp modules available on the market. There is a loss of low end bass from the doors much like others have noted with the Infinity speakers, again this may have something to do with the cone size.

I can run the volume all the way to 40 now and hear the distortion coming from the amps, which starts at about 37. Cranked volume is about 35 and I am turning the volume up much higher in normal driving to 30 where I was once at 20-22. IF I were to do this upgrade again I would probably look for a larger speaker or something with greater sensitivity. The sound is good but I did not think I would loose so much volume. I think there would be plenty of volume if the amp was 35 watts per channel matching the rating of the speakers. The sound quality of XM is improved as well. The speakers sound much better for jazz or classical versus the hard rock I prefer (you can never have too much guitar :D). But with an EQ they should work with most any music style.

I think cismo said the OEM speakers were 4 dollars. Well I think he was being nice. These things are made in China and probably only cost 1-2 dollars. They are a plastic basket - no metal whatsoever. The wire adapter that Crutchfield ships is good with 18 guage wire, but the wires in the doors is 20 or 22 gauge which is dissappointing :( . One good thing about this installation, if I wanted to swap the stockers back in, all of the holes I drilled would be covered up by the stock plastic basket and you would never know they were there.

I have two pairs of spacers if anyone is interested in them please PM. And with the unbelievable possiblity that someone needs to replace the OEM speaker with a stock replacement, I have those as well.

Hope this helps everyone on the quest for better sound.


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Thanks for the scoop on the Boston Acoustic speakers DoctorJ. I was torn between those and Infinity. Sounds as though they don't quite have the sensitivity for the power of the head unit. Apparently it doesn't take much power to flap the stock speakers. I hope you eq in the sound you are after and enjoy 'em.

Thanks again for the breakdown of the BA speakers.
It's strange that you would experience the loss in volume. The BA's are 92dB sensitivity... same as the Infinity 6002i's.

I compared the sensitivity of the Infinity's to the stock speakers and found them to be equal. If the BA's are actually 92dB they should be the same.

Due to the limited power we can't afford to go below 92dB sensitivity and I guess we now need to make sure it's a REAL 92dB.
They may be 92dB by the numbers. However the stock speakers may have a mid peak that the BA's don't have.
The cone is much smaller than the stock speaker, so it should not be able to push as much air. Might not be the sensitivity. I noticed the change with the very first one I installed.
Has anyone else noticed that the volume is different between some of the channels on XM??...much like cable TV
I have my Sirius s50 turned all the way up and the sound from the stereo seems like it's 5 less on the volume dial as compared to my radio fm. My cd player seems louder but it might just be in my head. My Sirius runs off of the 8" supplied antenna which is tuned into 88.f fm and I wonder if the volume might increase if I wire my Sirius direct into the stock radios auxilary?

Mike Kennedy:confused:
In your post you had said that the Boston Acoustics speakers did not entirely cover the speaker hole. This may be the reason you have experienced a 15% volume drop.
A small speaker with 92 db sensitivity should be no different than a larger speaker with 92db if they were measured the same. The smaller speaker might not be able to move as much air - but that shouldn't be noticable except at the speaker's limits. By the way - some small speakers can move more air than others because their suspension (the surround and the spider) and magnet structure allow the cone to move further.

My guess is that your Boston's just aren't as efficient as the spec. Perhaps Boston measured it differently. It is no surprise to me that the Honda speaker is efficient. An efficient speaker makes it easier (cheaper) to get by with a smaller amplifier. If you have a hole in the door panel - some sound from the rear of the cone will cancel the sound from the front of the cone. It would be noticable as a loss of bass, not a full range loss. I would not think this is 15% - but you should block those holes with something rigid.
I also have a Sirius radio and used to run it through the FM and had the gain on the unit turned all the way up and it still was not as loud as the other modes. Then I got a cord to run it through the AUX and what a huge difference. I had to turn the gain all the way down and now don't have to compete with the FM trying to tune in other stations and static. And for what it is worth ... the Sirius sounds sooooo much better then the XM. When I listen to the XM it sounds like I am listening through the internet.
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