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Brake Light On Dash

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Hi everyone. My 09 Ridgeline has been sitting all week while I have been out of town. I stopped to get gas, then got in in the truck and the brake light on the dash popped on and started chiming. I checked the e-brake, it was not engaged, and i engaged it and released it a few times. About two miles later the light came on again with the chime (and its so loud). The truck is driving fine, and the e-brake is not engaged. What is going on here??
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From my 2006 owner's manual:

Brake System Indicator

The brake system indicator normally comes on when you turn the ignition switch to ON (II), and as a reminder to check the parking brake. It will stay on if you do not fully release the parking brake.

If the brake system indicator comes on while driving, the brake fluid level is probably low. Press lightly on the brake pedal to see if it feels normal. If it does, check the brake fluid level the next time you stop at a service station.

If the fluid level is low, take the vehicle to your dealer and have the brake system inspected for leaks or worn brake pads.
Thanks. I checked the fluid and it is not low. So weird. The chime is SO LOUD!
Did you try pulling up on the parking brake at the same time you pull on the release ?
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