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Brake Peddle Noise

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Brake Pedal Noise

Have not driven the Ridgeline in a few days. Since I do not drive it much, I thought I would take it out and put a few miles on it.

While driving it, I noticed a clicking sound every time I touched the brake pedal. When I let off the pedal, no sound. It sounds like the noise is coming from under the dash around the area of the brake pedal.

I turned the truck off and pressed the pedal - no sound.

I let the truck sit for about two hours and started out on another trip. It made the clicking sound once and then it stopped for the rest of the trip.

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There's a return spring at the top of the brake pedal assembly (part 7 on the drawing). I would see if it needs some grease. Or if it has worn a slot in the pedal arm.

Chip H.
Re: Brake Pedal Noise

Chip H.

Thanks for the information. I will take a look under the dash to check out the spring.

It was odd that it made the clicking noise when the engine was running, but was quiet when the engine was off.

Again, thanks for the reply.
Okay guys, it appears the clicking noise is tied into the brake pedal gear shift release. Up to this point, I have not heard the clicking sound when I take it from park to drive, so it is a new noise for me. Is this a part that should be checked or is this something that just gets noisy every once in awhile when cold weather hits?
The brake-shift interlock? On the brake pedal that should just be a switch. The solenoid that prevents movement is up in the column-shifter area.

If it's making noise, I would consider changing it so you don't get stranded. Sorry, I don't have any guidance for you on how to.

Chip H.
My 06 is doing the same thing and only on cold days.
Re: Brake Pedal Noise

I took my Ridgeline into the dealership to have it checked out. It seems the noise is normal. One of the mechanics has a Ridgeline and he showed me that his does the same thing. He did mention that his interlock switch does seem louder in the colder months.
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