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Brakes grinding as I drove off the lot

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Bought my 2G RTL on a rainy day and had been raining the prior 3 days because of a hurricane and as I drove home the brakes started intermittently grinding. I assumed it was moisture built up but it contiued for the next two days. At about 300 miles on the odo I took it in for service and they discovered the right front rotor had not been cut down and surfaced properly at the factory. So they ended up cutting it down and resurfacing and it took care of the issue. They assured me the rotors, shoes and pads were all still within factory tolerances so they didnt order a new rotor. I ended up calling Honda USA and reporting this and receiving a case number and authorization for a new rotor. So the dealer said they ordered me one and 4000 miles later I still haven't gotten the call. At this point I dont care because the issue was resolved. I went back in for an oil change and asked about the rotor they said we dont have it but we can order one and I said forget it. The retard service guy said he saw another Ridgeline come in with the same issue. Anyone else?
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