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Even though bumper mount LED DRL lights were discussed on the forums in the past, it still remains popular add-on. We decided to refresh this topic and show you guys some of the options available at CARiD.

Click here to check more details, prices and select your lights:

How to install them?

- These lights are universal and can be installed in any opening in your bumper using bolt on mounting brackets that come in the set.

How to connect them?

- These lights are usually connected to your parking light power source. They could be either connected to the car fuse box or soldered to the car light unit wire.
It is not complicated and you can perform the installation by yourself if you have some tech skills or install it at any local shop. It is a very simple procedure for any car technician.

Installation instructions

Which size to pick?

- Measure the space in your bumper where you are going to install the the lights and choose the best matching size from our list:
6.3" Length, 320 lumen
7.5" Length, 200 lumen
7.5" Length, 800 lumen (with Turn Signal, with Dim) - this light can also blink with amber light simultaneously with your turn signals.
11" Length, 480 lumen

Lumen stands for brightness, bigger the lumen number - brighter they are!

You can see how they look in real life on this YouTube video:

If you have any questions - please let me know, I will be glad to help.
Of course, discounts or group buys are available for forum members!

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Would you happen to have a photo of one of these installed on a Ridgeline?
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