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Broken "clip" on inner portion of front seat back

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Anyone have a suggestion on how to keep the hard plastic back of my front seat from falling off? One of the clips that attaches to the side bar is broken and the seat back keeps falling off.


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It's gonna take some pretty good MacGyver magic to come up with a reliable fix for that. "IF" you can get a right angle bracket of some sort attached firmly to the face there where your clip was (first trick), and "IF" you can get some build up on the face of that bracket to act like the tang on the clip (epoxy or ??), and better yet, "IF" you don't mind bonding it in place add some 'more' epoxy to that raised are when you put it on...... well at least then you could cross your fingers & hope (presuming you brace it in place while the epoxy cures.
What you need of course is a new back panel, with will run you between $150 & $200, depending where you buy it. You might try a salvage yard, if you can find one with 'shot' seats (otherwise they likely won't let you take that part off of a known good seat).

Good Luck! If you try to MacGyver it, share the adventure with us after the fact. If you do try to use an adhesive, you'll be well advised to rough it up real good first.... you might even try a plastic weld method if you can. BEST bet would be to screw on your new "clip replacement"; the functionality would be better, but it would look like crap of course, unless you put some creative cover graphics over it after it's in place. Necessity is the mother of invention after all.
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It sounds like those two clips on the bottom are worn. If they were seating properly they should be enough to hold the panel in place.
Double sided tape placed strategically where plastic meets plastic should keep the panel on.

Honda Acura Door Trim Panel Back Cover Clips 91566-SP0-003,2467;et=2,7)
Heli ATP,

I received the 2 bottom clips. I am going to install them along with double sided tape. Will post results this weekend. Thanks again!
Clips and heavy duty Velcro fixed it. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone to take pics. Thanks to Heli ATP for sending me the clips.
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Velcro? Even better than double sided tape. Nice Job!
Replaced both back covers due to damaged cloth material. Very difficult to get in the correct place and I had to move the upholstery retains up as the interfered with the side retainers. As a last resort a bar at the bottom to force the clips in. Done and looks great. Thanks to this thread I found out what I needed to know
good tips, just what I needed to know! Eight years of a kid kicking the back of a seat with plastic parts will do that,... Thanks!
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