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Bull bar with license plate and room for LED light bar?

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Hello. Just picked up my 2017 RTL-T a few weeks back and looking for some mod advice. I have found many pictures of bull bars with either a license plate (required in my home state) or a LED light bar. But none seems to have both. Naturally with a brush guard, this is possible but then my concern is the frame blocking the LED DRL's around the headlights.... And I can't have that either.

This is about the best option I have found:

Naturally this is not our truck... and hopefully it would fit similarly. Any feedback or suggestions otherwise is welcomed. Thank you!
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Depends on if you just want a light bar or the full Montie. There is a small license plate bull bar to mount a 22/23 inch led bar on the top of the license plate. Or search on the forum, there are a few full size bull bars that a couple of guys have mounted. One of common faults is that they scrap the pavement on entering an incline. I did not install one on my G1 because a body shop mgr that I am friends with told me if you like the looks ok, but when you hit or get hit they do more damage then if you didn't have one on.

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Great information. Thank you.
That's the steelcraft one in your pic, essentially what I have. I posted alot of info and pics in the bull bar threads.

Yes the mounting holes for the light bar would put it in front of the license plate and potentially cover some of it depending on how large the light bar is.

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I have ordered the Truxxx leveling kit which should raise the nose 1 1/2 inches making up for most of the loss of the bar.

If I mount the license plate on the bottom (as shown in the pic) instead of leaving it on the bumper where it is now), the entire plate should be visible and allow for the bar to mount on top of the lower bar. Might look at little tacky that way but it would work I think.

Are the laws that strict where you are? We are required in WI to display a front plate, i don't normally run one and have never had any issues.
Could you put your plate to the side of the bumper and be done with it?
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