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A couple of reasons:

1) It gives you a better idea of when a given vehicle might show up
if it is in transit by comparing it to the current production and the
present inventory and the date similar VINs have shown up.

2) There has been a suggestion that the early vehicles might have
more issues than later ones. This is supported by experience with
some previous models. The number 10,000 has been suggested
as a "break point" (11,000 VIN in this case). I will leave it to the
user to decide on the validity of this - I refuse to get into a debate
one way or the other.
I was in the dealer yesterday to check my order of BE and saw that is in the transit already with VIN (but didn't get it because I wasn't aware of this). ETA is next week. Thank you much for your reply. Happy 4th of July weekend.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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