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I just bought a 1 owner 2017 RTL-E w/23.9k miles for $31,900 from a ChryslerDJR dealer in NW OH. Not certified and no extended warranty, no floormats, only one key fob. Other than that, nice car. Paid a little more than I'd have liked but not many were available.
Original owner was in Canada, noticed a few differences, like outside temp and HVAC temp only shows in Celsius vs Fahrenheit. No setting I've found that allows that to change. If anyone knows the secret to changing that setting let me know.
$32K for a 2017 with 24K miles is a great deal! I paid 32K for my 2017 RTL-E and it had 30K miles on it. I did get floor mats, 2 keys and the factory hard Tonneau cover though. I think the Canadian-spec Ridgeline RTL-Es get power folding side mirrors, which I think is a great feature for parking in tight garages.
Enjoy your new truck!
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