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2007 Nimbus Grey Metallic RTL
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I'm interested to see what you think of the 8000BT. I've been looking at it myself for some time now, but haven't pulled the trigger. I can't decide if I want to spend the extra money for an LCD screen.

I do know that you likely won't need the bass blockers because the 8000BT has built in crossovers you can set so the lower frequencies won't reach the door speakers.

As far as doing two Bazooka subs, I don't think you'd want to go that route. The amplified 6" Bazooka will certainly give louder and cleaner bass than the stock subwoofer would (which you don't have anyways), but I could see issues with clashing sound waves simply by the orientation of the tubes. The install would also be a bit challenging. If you're really worried about the output of the Bazooka, I would go with the eD10 with a separate amp. This will likely cost a bit more than one Bazooka tube, but less than two. Your other option would be to simply get the Bazooka and install it. Drive around with it for a few weeks, and if it doesn't meet your standards, you can always change it.
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