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Can this be done? Install Jeep radio.

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I got a 2010 Grand Cherokee factory head unit with screen, NAV, Bluetooth and hard drive as a hand-me-down.

Is it possible to use a metra radio harness and a trim kit to install in my 07 RTL without navi?

I don't think I can make the navigation feature function and I'm ok with that. I'll just be happy with the USB, aux, MP3 capabilities.


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You'll need the wiring schematics for both vehicles so you can identify matching wires and make a custom adapter. Whether or not it will power up and which features function is anyone's guess. The old days when radios needed only constant 12 volts, switched 12 volts, ground, and speaker wires are gone. NOw lots of car radios are turned on and displays are dimmed and other features are operated over a computer bus.
You'll need the wiring schematics for both vehicles...
Remember the old days where the biggest problem was the elastic band that moved the indicator across the dial broke. Mechanical button channel selection was a huge technological step forward. Then FM radios... wow!
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I'm sure you can make it work. It will require a lot of research and wiring diagrams of course. And remember that they use a CAN bus on their vehicles to so some of the functions may not fully be available. It would be pretty cool to see it installed and working though !

I looked at the radio wiring diagrams for 2010 Jeep GC. There is only constant power to the radio and no switched wire from the ignition. The radio is turned on using an encoded signal from the CAN bus. Looks like it ain't gonna work in anything but a 2010 Jeep GC. Sorry!
Some more stuff...

According to the wiring diagrams, the 2007 Ridgeline's radios don't use a CAN bus. There are more traditional wires for constant 12 volts, switched 12 volts and dash dimmer and such. It's really pretty simple the way its wired. Even if it did use a CAN bus it won't speak the same language as a Jeep.

I found this if you're feelin' really geeky and wanna try building and programming some type of homemade interface to try and get it to work. Prolly better off chunkin that Jeep radio in the garbage.

Chrysler Can-bus radio in non can bus wehicle -


Here's all kinds of goodies to look at. Looks like you got you a Chrysler MyGIG radio model REN and it will only work with certain years and models of chrysler/jeep/dodge. Good news is they sell for over $200 on ebay!!!
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Thanks for all the detailed and technical info. I think imma look for an aftermarket unit and keep things simple.
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