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I think I am losing my mind...

I have a 2011 RTL, and need to replace my foglight bulbs. Accessing the bulbs through the inner fender is pretty straightforward, but I cannot get the bulb and wiring harness out. I am not talking about the step when you push the clip in to remove the bulb from the harness, but before that, when you twist the bulb/harness counterclockwise in the bayonet mount.

The dang thing won't budge! I am afraid that if I twist any harder I will tear the harness right off. As a test, I did successfully remove the DRL bulb right next to it using the same technique, and that was fairly easy.

Am I missing something? Has anybody else had this problem? Any suggestions would be wonderful!

(I did search the forums very thoroughly before posting, so I hope this is not a repeat.)

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