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Car PC on the RL

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Has anyone installed or considered installing a PC in their RL? One of the reasons I didn't spring for the RTL and NAVI is because I eventually want to install a car PC in the RL that will store and play MP3s, play DVDs, act as a GPS unit, possibly provide for a rear backup camera, and perhaps (big maybe) hook up to the engine computer. Maybe a 160 GB hard drive, so I can also download my photos from my Canon EOS 20D when I'm out and about doing photography, as well as store MP3s and have room for applications. I'd have bluetooth and wireless access on it to interface with my wireless network at home, and perhaps a wide range wireless internet service when these services get cheaper (where is WiMax?). And to top it off, a motorized retractable lcd touchscreen monitor in the dash.

Some issues specific to the RL would be placement of the PC itself (usually placed in a trunk in a car) as well as integrating the LCD touchscreen to the dash so that it looks stock.

Maybe this is a bit overboard, but I'm a tinkerer and geek that way. It would be a lot of fun to do. Has anyone considered this, or perhaps done it to their RL?
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Have you seen the products at

They have a nice power supply w/ timing controller that handles startup /shutdown of the mobo with ignition.
Yes, am Mac Mini, by member Coolcat. Do a search of "computer" in the Mobile Electronics" thread.

Perhaps not installed like you have stated but it fits nicely. I have a 12V adapter for power. I can strap to the console if needed, however the rubber feet hold good against the console. I can do DVD video playback, MP3 or record video through the onboard camera. Its a Sony TR3.


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I have. It's amazing how easy it is to do this now. I particularly like this LCD touchscreen, which fits into a standard dash DIN:

Plus, there are interfaces for the car computer, GPS units, and, more importantly, plenty of car PC specific software.

Also, I just heard that VIA is selling a car specific PC for less than $300:

I'd probably custom build my PC, but at least there are options. A lot of people use the Mac Mini as a car PC as well.
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