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A few questions for the Casita owners:
1. Have any of you encountered the G2 transmission overheat issue while towing the Casita?
2. I am looking at an 05 Casita in excellent condition; they want $14,500. This seems like a lot for a 15-year-old very small trailer. Is the price unreasonable?
3. What kind of G2 gas mileage do you get and at what speed? Thx

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I own a 2005 model-year Casita 17' Spirit Deluxe I've had since it was new, ordered 10/28/2004 to my spec with the following extra-cost options:
  • High lift axle
  • 25 gal fresh water tank
  • Water heater upgrade - electric/DSI
  • Awning
  • Microwave
  • Electric tongue jack
  • * Air conditioning was standard with the Deluxe of course
I Love my small Casita, it's been a great trailer for me. For most of it's life I used it 40+ nights / year as my home-away-from-home following the motorcycle roadracing circuit as a race official, covering 6000+/miles each race season (I'm now retired from that avocational fun).

Back in 2004 when I ordered my trailer was $14,358 + TT&L as equipped above. I note that today an identically equipped Spirit Deluxe has a price of $27,580 + TT&L, though they are currently offering a $4801 discount that would bring that down to $22,779 + TT&L at the moment.

I've not had an opportunity to do a lot of recreational towing since I got my RL, but FWIW to your questions:
  1. No, I've never seen any issues at all when towing in Texas heat
  2. All depends on the specific model, options, condition, local market, what a willing buyer will pay, etc. I know that given the current replacement price and how well mine has held-up (excellent) I wouldn't want to sell mine for much less. It's well-proven that well-maintained Casitas hold their value much better than any 'stick-built trailer, and for good reason (they hold up extremely well over time due to the fiberglass construction used).
  3. I don't track 'instant mileage' as displayed on the dashboard, IMO it doesn't mean much. I can offer that the 2019 AWD RTL-E handles my Casita great, my 'lifetime' calculated (actual pump gallons/actual odometer miles) after 8496 miles is 20.6 MPG. While I've not done any really long trips with the Casita, I've done a lot of local towing with a fairly heavily loaded (2k-3k pounds gross trailer weight) 16' utility trailer in those miles.
IMO the AWD G2 RL + Casita is a great combo, well-matched, well-within all recommended weight limits. The mileage is what it is, will depend on your driving, terrain, etc, etc.

The little towing I've been able to do with the Casita I've done without a WDH as I did with my 7k# rated F150 for many years. It did fine but I will probably add a WDH before taking any really long trips with the RL+Casita combo, just to tweak the squat a bit and increase towing comfort a bit. I don't consider that a necessity, just a matter of even more driving comfort and relaxation with the Casita+RL rig.

FYI I installed a Redarc trailer-brake controller in the RL after many years with Tekonsha Prodigy in my F150, I'm very happy with the Redarc, it lends to easy integration in the RL dash, no 'exposed box' to deal with:

Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller

Hope that helps, happy trailering!


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