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So it looks like I have to replace 1 if not both CATS.

Input : 670F Output: 560F

Output temperature is "Cold", that is, input is hotter than the output which it shouldn't be, by at least 100F:

So I have 3 choices at least and I want to know if anyone has used aftermarket CATS and all being well afterwards.

Choice 1 - $773 Honda OEM 18290RJEA00 & 18190RJEA00
Choice 2 - $492 Catco 1250 & 1251 (comes with new gaskets)
Choice 3 - $377 Walker 16450 & 16451
Choice 4 - $592 RV6 Performance [Thanks to eurban for Choice 4]

Any other recommended Brands?

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Here's a link for some performance oriented exhaust parts including cats. . . .

1st Gen (06-08)

Are you getting codes?
Yes P0430 and P0420. That what made me do a temperature reading as well as a graphing of the O2 sensors.

COOL Website !!!! :nerd:

Now where I am currently located I dont need CATS installed in the vehicle (not required by law) so I would love to do a Precat delete but I have don't have the knowledge to tell the vehicle to ignore the codes that would generated with that modification. If someone here is that savvy do let me know. Otherwise I guess I am stuck with CATS.

UPDATE: I just saw that RV6 PCD uses angled custom made Non foulders O2 adapters to fool the CPU. Bottom right corner of photo.

Pros: Never have to change another Cat again. Increased performance. HMMM
Cons: : Raspy exhaust, Exhaust smell, Requires an extra resonator for rasp free operation.

Finally i suppose I could just save myself a few dollars and do what every other local seems to have done around here. Take the CAT off the vehicle, remove the innards and replace it back, then add the non foulers to trick the CPU. :surprise:
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