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Does it seem temp related? Perhaps this inst applicable if it has been working fine until now, but then again lubrication dries out. There was more discussion on this at the time and several said they fixed their out of warranty units by applying a little judicious lubrication on some internal sliding parts and maybe a couple motor bearings. That is supposedly how Honda fixed returned units. I cant find the posts now.

I had mine replaced under warranty when new. The service news says it was a problem in cold weather. It probably never got below 50 deg at home, so cold weather seemed to be a relative term, and it was always warmed up and working fine by the time I got to the dealer so they wouldn't help me, but it skipped horribly when I went to the snow.

I eventually recorded it on my cell phone and they barely agreed to replace it with a "factory serviced unit" after I refused to go away. Not that this helps this late in the game, but as previously suggested if you are so inclined I'd open it up and take a look or get a donor from ebay or go totally aftermarket because a factory replacement wont come cheap, and less money will buy so much additional capability now.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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