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Me too. First time.

2019 Honda Ridgeline RTLE
25,000 miles
1/4 tank
Temp ~20 F
Trip: Rochester MN ---> Mpls/StPaul ... North to West freeway transition light begins flashing but am able to sustain highway speeds safely.

That said, the engine is running rough and practically dies under hard acceleration

Call Hopkins Honda (Hands free!). They say pull over right away and have the truck towed to the dealership. That wasn't happening; I'm in the middle of heavy traffic.

When I can pull over, I pop the hood and it sure seems to me like it's not idling on all cylinders. Quite rough.

Stop engine and re-start. Runs perfectly and has ever since.

Haven't had a chance to check codes but from what everyone else says, I wouldn't expect to see anything.

Now for something new. I've been noticing a low frequency rumble felt in the steering wheel and audibly when the VCM kicks in at highway speeds. Even my wife riding passenger was able to feel it. This is something new as of the last several weeks and I'm wondering if it might be related.

In any case, the truck's scheduled to be checked in a week. This needs to be documented.

Thanks to all of you for the education!
I can hear a difference in my wife's 2016 Accord V-6 when the VCM kicks in, but only in cold weather. I have attributed it to the rubber motor mounts being stiff in cold weather.
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