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Check List - Buying a Ridgeline/Check List

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I'll maintain this 1st post and add items as others post issues they've found so this 1st post should be a summary of the whole thread. For a printable version, select "Thread Tools" from the blue bar up top and choose "Show Printable Version".

Update: now available as a pdf with check boxes, courtesy of 'captmiddy' but it's missing item #6 in the engine section :


Items to Bring:

1. Music CD.

2. 12v power outlet accessory.

3. Tire guage.

4. Flashlight if buying at night.

5. iPod or alike if buying Nav model.

Issues Reported by Owners
(most of these issues are resolved by now but good to check none the less)

1. Wind noise - starts at 40mph coming from the windshield. Most likely upper molding. Any RL with a VIN # ending with 16000 or higher should have this fixed.

2. Steering Wheel creaky - apply forward pressure to the wheel and make sure it doesn't creak.

3. Key remotes - test each of the two keys to make sure both are programmed. Test the lock/unlock buttons. You should also get a 3rd valet key.

4. Kinked windshield washer hose - check to make sure they squirt.

5. Water leaking into interior, passenger seat or rear seats, check under seat and floor mats, drive in puddles if possible.

General Outside:

1. Don't buy the Honda Care warranty from the dealer. You can PM 'christn' in this forum and get it for $25 over cost. Currently $1075 for the 7/0/100 plan. See the "Honda Care Warranty Pricing" thread for more details.

2. Bring a tire guage, make sure tires are at 32psi when cold (3 hours after driven). If warm add a few pounds then re-check when cold.

3. Open/close all 4 doors, check rubber seal/strip for tears or alike.

4. Open tail gate both ways, down and sideways. When open sideways the exterial bed lights should come on.

5. Check in bed Trunk locks with key remote. Unlock and open. There should be a drain plug in the front left corner on the bottom.

6. Check spare tire tray, both wingnuts secure. Also make sure the jack is there on top of the spare and secure. Spare should be at 60psi.

7. Check both mirrors fold in and back.

8. Turn on headlights, check low & hi beams, parking lights, license plate lights, turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights.

9. Check moldings around all windows for big gaps, tears or other problems.

10. Check body/panels for fit, dents, scratches.


1. Pop the hood and make a general visual inspection everything looks right.

2. Check fluid levels - Coolant, Power Steering, Brake, Oil, Transmission. For Transmission the engine needs to be hot, normal operating temp. Check tranny dipstick right after shutting engine off. For oil the engine should be off 5-10 minutes before checking.

3. Check belt tension - should deflect a little bit pushed, I don't know the exact spec but just make sure it's not overy loose about to fall off or too tight with no deflection at all.

4. Start engine and look under hood again, listen for any strange noises.

5. Test drive truck for a few miles, go on freeway if possible. Listen and feel for any strange noises or vibrations. It should be a very quite & smooth drive.

6. After the test drive let it sit for a bit then check underneath to make sure there are no leaks from the engine oil, transmission, coolant system and rear differential.

General Inside:

1. Check both rear seats to make sure they flip up and stick. Needs a little push to make them stick. Fold down and then lower center back armrest/cup holder tray.

2. Check all 5 headrests for smooth operation up and down. To lower you need to push the button/slide tab near it's base.

3. Should be 3 rubber floor mats, 2 in front and 1 in the rear.

4. Power seat - check all motions work and lumbar too. Check passenger seat manual operations.

5. Apply parking brake and release.

6. Check switch operation for all windows, sunroof, both mirrors & heater, door & window lock. (Note key must be in ignition in the ON II position.)

7. Check all 3 power outlets, 2 in front and 1 in rear. (Note key must be in ignition in the Accessory I position.)

8. Turn on radio, check AM, FM, XM, put a CD in make sure it plays. (Note key must be in ignition in the Accessory I position.)

9. Seat Heater - check both, takes about a minute before you'll feel heat. (Note key must be in ignition in the Accessory I position.)

10. Check climate control fuctions. Make sure you get Hot & Cold air.

11. Center console - Armrest should slide back and forth and also lift up to reveal coin holder. Slide center console forward, in the tray should be two plastic dividers you can slide up and out to different positions.

12. Open glove box, should drop down slowy, not free falling.

13. Honk the horn.

14. Nav equipped models - hit the map button make sure the map is displayed and the location is correct.

15. Check voice recognition, hit the speak button on the steering wheel and say "what time is it", should say the time after a few seconds.

Items Delivered with Truck:

1. Two keys, One valet key (3 total)

2. Owner's Manual.

3. Honda Service History booklet.

4. Quick Start Guide.

5. Warranties booklet

6. Sticker (monroney label)

7. Michelin tire warranty

8. Continental spare tire warranty

9. Radio Anti-Theft code & Navi code card (if equipped)

10. Navigation System manual (if equipped)

11. XM radio channel guide (if equipped)

Be sure to come back to ROC and check for updates and post your experience:

Kurt Christensen ©2005
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Re: Check List - bring with you when buying


Thanks for the listing !

This good info for a purchaser and a good punchlist for a dealer .

Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Wow, this is great for us who are still (anxiously) waiting for our trucks to arrive. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
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Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Thanks vertrkr.

Hopefully there won't be too much more to add to the list.
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Thanks. This is really great to know what to look for. Since I have a few months to wait before I can afford it, I am hanging on every word.

I still think this is a great truck.
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Great list and your efforts of putting together. Mine is suppose to arrive the end of this week or next week. These is the perfect thing to walk in with. I was just trying to keep a mental note of everyone's comments on the forum.

Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Check the windshield washer operation. Hose was kinked on my Ridge on delivery. Dealer fixed in about 5 minutes.

Also check wheels for rusting lugnuts. Had five replaced by dealer.
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

It's for precaution only, or the ones on your list are known problems?
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Martin F.Z. said:
It's for precaution only, or the ones on your list are known problems?
The items listed in the Known/Previous Issues section are actual problems owners have reported here that happened on their truck.

PS. I've now changed the section title to "Issues Reported by Owners'
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

great list. i'm gonna print this out and use it when i go to pick up my Line! THanks
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

I would reinforce your list of the tire pressure. After I picked up my Ridge, checked the tire pressure and it read 45psi. Obvisouly, there was very little dealer prep...reduced it back to recommended 32psi. Also, the ID tag for having keys made was LOST. After contacting HONDA, they would not reissue another but said it wasnt a problem since VIN was the factor to recut new keys. Dealer prep in my case was just a wash and minor prep..what a ripoff. Another dealer who doesnt get any more of my business.
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

For those interested, I created a draft PDF version of the checklist that has check boxes to make it easy to take with you and check things off as you complete your inspection of your new Ridgeline. This is a first draft of this, I am working with vertrkr and other folks to complete the version that I hope to get posted but figured this may help a few people in the process now.

It is available on my web page:
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Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Newbie greetings to all,
I'll pick up my RL on Tues. 7-12 with checklist handy. Much appreciation for all input. Will have pics soon. ;)
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Welcome BluRidge to the site. You will not regret getting this truck.
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Great List and a Great Site! Thanks for the pdf. Now all I need is a PA Dealer that will work with us with price.
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

The other thing that you might want to check (and add to the know issues on the checklist) is to make sure that if the dealer installed the running boards, that they're put on correctly. See the 'Running boards can be installed backwards' thread under Accessories.
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

I am thinking that perhaps an accessories checklist would be good, things to check about each of the standard accessories. Like that foglights come on and such. And a checklist which is broken down by basic package (RT, RTS, RTL...) which would help people going in to know what they need to check for in their particular model.
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

Finally picking my Blue RTS up tonight. I have the checklist in my back pocket. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks.
Re: Check List - bring with you when buying

List worked great, and so far, none of the club's reported problems evident on the truck. In 300,000 range of Vin number so I guess they solved the initial windshield noise and steering wheel creaks, hope it stays quiet. I definitely agree that the left foot rest gotta go and I feel for you tall guys who do not have more leg room as I just fit and I am an average size guy. I have found a couple of manufacturing defects: steering wheel plastic insert where controls are embedded is not carefully set and has some sharp edges sticking up; the seam on the rubber steering wheel is noticeably raised and kinda cheaply finished; and the lower body panels beneath the doors where the rubber undercoating is painted already has the rubber coating and the paint flaking off (touch up paint needed). Other than that, I am having fun driving around and cant wait for the break in period to be over so I can blast around a bit.
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