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Check VSA System (2012, 2013, 2014)

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We have a few RL's, all with less than 10,000 on the odometer (yes, not a typo) and almost at random the Check VSA system illuminates the diagnostic panel (all are RTL/Navi so the Icon shows plus the actual text on the panel)

Now, button for VSA ON/OFF toggle works fine at startup, when left in normal/default ON mode, warning message does not immediately display at start and at least on one of the RLs, at one point when engine was started at fillup, no warning showed up until it was parked, it sat for an hour and then after pulling out it shows up again.

No other indicator shows up.
All of them have proper fluid levels (brake, transmission, engine, differential, VTM).
All have correct tire pressures.
None have any recent maintenance done (within last 2 months) apart from annual engine oil/filter.
All have a new AGM battery, verified, voltage shows fully charged.

1. Is the ABS&VSA system a single module? (if yes, anyone with a part #/diagram for location)
2. Can the ABS and/or VSA harness/plugin become intermittently loose? (if yes, user serviceable?)

Anything else?
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I'm not extremely familiar with the VSA, but I did help a few troubleshoot.
I would scan for codes. I like the Autophix ES710, YMMV.

Right off the bat...the on/off issue leads me straight to the battery.
I would check the date of the batt. then check/test the condition of it and/or the charging system.
Also check Batt & Ground connections. I like to remove, clean and antisieze grounds.

The last time I helped with a VSA issue, I remember ohming a lot of connectors, so I'd start at the battery first.
skelley521 said:
The last time I helped with a VSA issue, I remember ohming a lot of connectors, so I'd start at the battery first.
What was the outcome ?

Is there an ABS sensor that could cause a "signal" to the VSA system?

Except the newer ones, for battery we use 700 CCA Exide AGM, all manufactured around June 2016 and all batteries test out normal (all maintained with a CTEK charger)
I have not had this happen with my 2012 RTL/Navi yet...
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