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Checking Timing Belt

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Hey All-

Just picked up an '07 RTL with ~110k on it. Excited to be back with a Honda. I bought this from a dealership, and they said the timing belt had been changed in their shop. After I mentioned the water pump, they said this had not been changed, so I'm skeptical the timing belt was touched. I was 5 hours away from home, had a PPI done an an unfamiliar shop (Weekends in Utah is slim pickings), they couldn't tell about the timing belt, but everything else checked out.

I got a deal, so picked it up. Is there any way to take an easy look at the timing belt, to see the condition? Or is it set up so that by the time I'm deep enough to see the condition/verify replacement, I may as well have a replacement in hand and swap all the timing belt related maintenance stuff out? I'm relatively handy, have done a serpentine belt and lots of brake work on my old CRV.
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I'm not sure I paid my Dealer to replace my timing belt, but these threads may help.

Timing belt tensioner sound??

Timing belt job summary and tips

Having Lived in Utah, (Roy, SLC and West Valley) I completely understand. ;)
The manual says you can inspect but kinda a pain to pull covers and look. I would say it is a waste of time as the daler said they replaced anyway. My concern would be the water pump seizure potential destroying belt.

All said if it was me i would leave it and drive it to about 150000 and consider changing all.
Most of the time the used car dept wants to put the least amount of money into a vehicle to resell it. So if service goes we recommend doing this, this and that. Sales will go No only do this and that. Cause they have to sell it for x amount so they need to only have Y amount into it to make a profit. So more then likely just the belt was replaced and nothing else. You could go back to dealer and go to the service and request a copy of the RO to see what exactly was done. They should provide that to you.

If they wont message me and I can see if I can
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