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China says "We'd really rather have a Buick!"

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Here's a Better Buick aimed at the Chinese market in the link below.

General Motors oldest division is BUICK.

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I think most of Buick's cars are aimed at the Chinese and probably have been for a decade. That said, it's not a bad looking car, but Buick would need a serious branding change (like Cadillac did several years ago) if they want to be more profitable here. I seriously doubt they'll do that, however, as China's market continues to grow.
When I was a Buick fan when bought a new '99 Regal, I (and other Regal fans) were very jealous of the Chinese version of the Regal. It was a much nicer looking car that was far more luxurious with far more technology. The downside was that the engines were smaller and much less powerful for that market. The Chinese Regal made the US version look like a base model Chevrolet on a rent-a-car lot.

I think the current Lacrosse remains one of GM's best looking cars.
I think Buick has no business building that pea-sized Encore.

Oh, then there's the return of the Reatta - now with twice the number of seats. ;)
Avenir is nice. With GM offering Cadillac above Buick in China as well as North America it seems likely to have both brands chasing the same market if they build the Avenir as a halo vehicle for Buick. VW's failure with Phaeton comes to mind.
Cadillac is the competitor to BMW, Mercedes, Audi. Not Buick.
China outsold the US for new car sales several years ago. It's the biggest new market in the world. ..Almost 22 million sold there last year. Couple that with being the largest economy in the world and only growing substantially from here on out and.......China then becomes the main reason Buick exists today...instead of being a cancelled brand with the new path forward. Buick has always been considered the status symbol over least to date. The early communist leaders preferred Buicks over Lincolns and Cadillac. Thus the people thought of a Buick as a status symbol. The same way people here regarded Lincoln and Cadillac. Over here, Buick has been trying to re-brand its age demographics to a younger crowd. It's working some.

The GM Chinese design team had much to do with the inside of the 2010 Lacrosse. The back seat was huge. Large enough for some Chinese to be chauffered if they were wealthy enough to do. At least that was some of the thought process I read back in 09. We greatly enjoyed ours for 4 years. Quietest car we've ever had, including a LS430 Lexus. I actually like the Lacrosse better than the 2002 Lexus. Granted it was 8 years newer.
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