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I just purchased and installed this unit:

It's by Versio - Chinese off-brand mfg. Whole thing was less than $300 with the Metra dash kit and Honda wiring harness I ordered as well.

I actually thought I ordered an Eonon unit, which looks very similar. In fact the Eonon G2216 seems to be identical - see here:

While I like the unit I got, there seems to be no web site support or info out there for Veriso, so I probably would recommend the Eonon for anyone else. does have a lot of manuals, etc. and the pricing and features are similar. For all I know they're manufactured in the same building, but Eonon has become something of a brand name among the units that sell on eBay from China. If these are in fact the same units, though, then that is not such a big deal.

The unit actually works great - even the Synergic GPS - though it will take a
Tom Tom map card. The bluetooth for my daughter's phone works as well, and is clear even with the only mic on the face of the head unit, not separately mounted. I don't think it will do voice dialing or phone book functions - at least not with my daughter's phone, and the manual is hopelessly brief. Some of the other Eonon units (the upgraded G2216u) do have voice dialing, so another reason to look there...probably worth the extra $50.

I have yet to install the back up camera - have been reading the posts here and will tackle that next Saturday. I am going to try to do it without tearing the whole truck apart, though...maybe run the cables under the truck to the cab.

I bought the Metra custom fit dash kit for Honda Ridgeline. The problem there is that the kit is designed with the opening slightly smaller than 2 din, as it's supposed to become the trim bezel for the head unit. The Veriso unit has a flip open screen, though. I ended up trimming it carefully with a razor and a file, and it worked out OK. I had to trim a little plastic from the top right hand screw flange, but a good fit otherwise.

I'll post again with some pics when I get the camera installed.

2007 Ridgeline RT (grey)
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