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Clock Location

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Did you notice that there are options to move the clock on the LCD screen, but it does not actually work?
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I have wondered about this as well. There seems to be a screen saver of a clock also, i havent seen it.

I have changed it from right to left in settings but I dont see any clock changing position.
I've noticed this as well. Selecting info from the main screen will give you the full screen clock...and I think you can swipe down on the screen to get it in some cases.

I also recall long pressing one of the touch buttons on the side to do something...but forgot what it was. Its nasty out, so I have been driving my car to work, so I cant tinker with it. My wife thinks I'm truck sitting in the driveway since Friday with 80 miles on it, and I'm driving the car all week.
I found this out the other day. Tried to move it to the upper left corner and it just stayed in the upper right. Settings says it's in the upper left.
Thanks, called the Honda tech line and they confirmed the same thing. No sense why this is even programmed as an option. Not very clean release by Honda
Honda calls this a "survey". Please choose where you would "prefer" to have the clock. Thank you, have a nice day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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