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Clore jump starters

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I see that Amazon has a Gold Box deal on Clore jump starters today.

If anyone is interested:
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I have the cheapest, but it is more than adequate for my needs. Very good quality and customer service. JNC300XL. I got it with their Solar battery saver that mates to your OBD connector under the dash to maintain radio presets, etc. while your battery is disconnected.
Clore sends out email reminders to recharge your starter's battery on a regular basis. Like every 60 days I believe. They also offer a very reasonable exchange if and when that battery dies.
Mine are garaged but hold a charge forever. I'm not sure what's regular basis but twice a year should be good for anyone. Every 60 seems excessive,
I thought so too, but I guess they have to factor in those that get used fairly often and are not recharged regularly. It might be more like every 90 days, I know it's not more than that, same rules apply.
I think you can get more info here than I could ever give you.
????Anyone know where their "stuff" is manufactured?
China.....they really have a huge product list beyond just 'jump starters'.
Too bad.. the quality is excellent.
Several manufacturers, including Clore, use CTEK 'smart charging' units and put their own face on it...
CTEK is designed in Sweden but also made in China.
Of course, that was your reason for asking.. you can safely assume very little is made here that is reasonably priced, unfortunately.
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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