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Clore jump starters

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I see that Amazon has a Gold Box deal on Clore jump starters today.

If anyone is interested:
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Reading this prompted me to check out my old Jump Start Battery. It's a 600Amp from EverMaxx. purchased from Walmart (Jan 2005/ $75). For the past year or so I've had to recharge it monthly. Last month I simply set it aside - intending to replace the battery.

So, after reading this, I dug into it. One terminal was somewhat caked with white powdery stuff. Once I had the battery part number I started looking online, the best price replacement battery was over $53- to me that's too much for an old unit that could be replaced for under $100.

For grins and giggles I cleaned things up and am currently recharging it. If it quickly runs down again then it'll be history and I'll replace it.
Its now back to $129, the same as always.
I just checked them again, and it was $99.95 BUT I only had 15 sec. to checkout. WTF?

It took me two more tries to get signed on and a credit card approved, but I finally completed an order in time to get this price.

Hurry if you want one, and have your ducks ready.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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