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I'm moving to the RL (G1 or G2, haven't decided yet) from a BMW X3. I didn't want to lose the car-like handling but I need way more room and hauling capacity.

Having never owned a RL G1 (only been in and driven friends G1s), I'm not feeling the same regrets that many G1 owners seem to be having with what's in or not in the G2.
I traded in an X3/Silverado WT pair for my G1 RL almost a year ago. I was tired of maintaining three vehicles and wanted something that could replace both the pickup and CUV. It was hard to give up the X3 as it had a heated steering wheel and head-up display while the G1 RL I bought doesn't even have heated seats or an outside temperature display. Much to my surprise, though, the RL is so goldilocks "just right" that I haven't missed the X3 features at all. Go figure! My RL is so right for me that I haven't yet decided when--or if--I'll upgrade to the more civilized G2.

Oh, and also related to this thread: my 3rd vehicle? A 2012 GTI! No freaking way am I giving that up anytime soon!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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