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Have been using my new RTL at the Texas Gulf Coast beach, and have used the Sand mode each time. Mix of hard pack and some wind-blown loose sand about 6 -8 inches deep. When in Sand mode, pressing the accelerator slightly gives immediate response to the drivetrain and starts the truck moving. Have to be careful to watch the speed so the truck doesn't jump past 15 mph limit on the beach. Oh, Traction control indicator symbol shows off in Sand mode. Will have to defer to experts if this is actuall off or just low level operation.

Contrast with Normal mode where there is a slow engagement as you press the accelerator and you have the ability to creep very very slowly. So far in Sand mode seems to be surefooted, although this darn truck is just too new for me to venture into the really deep loose sand or try a standing start in the moderate depth loose sand.

And too purty to take into mud. So far, anyway.
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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