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Compression values

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Hello everyone! I am new to the site, I am 99%sure I will be picking up a 2006 Ridgeline RTS on Saturday. I had read some reports of #4 cylinder going bad on these engines so I had the dealer do a compression check. They tell me all 6 cylinder are either 175# or 180#. These are all close so I do not think this engine has a bad cylinder but was wondering what is a normal value for the 3.5 liter with 95000 miles on it. The exhaust has no soot in it so I do not think it is burning oil and it runs very smoothly.
Thanks in advance,
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Don't worry about the actual number. The fact that they are all within 5psi is what really matters.
And since the dealer had the plugs out to do a compression test, no worries about a loose spark plug either. However, you do have an upcoming timing belt/water pump/valve adjustment/spark plug change/tensioner pully etc. service coming due. This might be worth using in your negotiations.
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