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Confused and dissapointed

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After doing research and going to see a new Ridgeline, I am more confused. Sorry if my questions have been discussed here but I haven't been able to answer my questions.
I have a 2007 RTS and there are things that I would like on a new Ridge but it seems that I have to go to the RTL-E to get them. In addition, I don't understand some of the features so here goes.

Is the sliding rear window only available on the E and the Black? I use it often for long items including fishing poles

Heated mirrors ? Only again on E and Black?

I don't understand what it means if you dont get AWD. Is there an equivalent to what my 2007 has, four wheel drive on demand?
If you don't get AWD is the tow capacity only 3500 lbs???

I use my truck for pleasure and for working and don't need all the fancy doodads .
I really walked away really dissapointed. I wanted more towing capacity , a longer bed option, and heated mirrors but I didn't expect to have to spend almost $45k.
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My answer is, it does have less if you don't have AWD. In the 2007, yes the 4WD is push button for slow situations but even without it, the tow capacity is 5,000 pounds.
As I understand it the new AWD Ridgeline is largely the same as the old AWD Ridgeline, as in they are on-demand AWD systems. The only difference is I don't think the new one has the manual push button to lock in 4WD, it's completely automatic (with manual modes for different terrain types).

So a 2017 AWD Ridgeline should be the same as your G1 in most apects, plus whatever improvements they've made to the engine, transmission, and AWD system.

The only difference is that now they are offering a lesser FWD model for those who don't need the G1's capabilities and want to save money and a tiny bit of gas mileage.

It sounds like the easy answer for you is to just get an AWD version since you want the same thing as your previous truck. That doesn't help with the other weird feature options that are exclusive to the top trim levels, which is even more frustrating given that many of those features are standard on most/all of the trims in Canada.
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