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Personally, I would walk away. If it were recognizable impact damage, fine, just replace the windshield and move on. But if it’s really a stress crack, what could have caused it, and what other damage might that have done? Think about how much twist you’d have to put on a vehicle to deform the windshield frame and crack the windshield. Or maybe a factory oops made it so the windshield doesn’t fit the frame properly, which means the replacement will just crack as well.

It’s probably OK, but do you want to spend well north of $40K on probably? Remember, the dealer is just trying to get your money and have you own whatever problems might occur thereafter. If they can’t come up with a credible reason why it broke, I think it’s time to wait for the next one - and you might just want to make note of the VIN to make sure you don’t see the same truck again.
I somewhat agree, though initially I would not just give up on this vehicle. My guess would be installation error, or a flaw in the windshield itself, or some other none-issue, but before I handed over that +/- $40,000, I would want to know for sure. That windshield cracked for a reason, when they replace the windshield that reason should become obvious, then make your decision.

Good luck! (y)

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