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Craigslist ARE Truck Cap - Richmond, VA area

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SOLD - Craigslist ARE Truck Cap - Richmond, VA area

For any Ridgeline Owners who may be interested. This is a Craigslist ad posted by someone in the Richmond, VA area for an ARE truck cap/topper which appears to be Nimbus Grey. This is not being sold by me, so you'll need to email the seller (still available as of June 26th).

The color doesnt match my RL, but wanted to post for anyone else who may be interested since it appears to be a good buy at $300.

Item has been deleted from CL (hopefully found a home with an ROC member).


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I just logged on here to see if anyone would be selling one. For that price I'd have driven up to get that.
I think I saw this exact same cap on Ebay a few weeks ago. It was in the Philadelphia area going for $50. Same color, same roof racks. I was REALLY tempted.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts