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Howdy, all!

In the last year, I feel like I've seen lots more RLs on the road. I get the impression that the RL has gone from being a complete oddball outlier to a not quite as rare to see, and that it's reputation among the car community has improved over the last few years. But this is all based on speculation, I could be totally off the mark. But considering that Honda is building the new one next year, they have to have sold enough to make it worth it... right?

So I'm curious- does anyone know how many RL's have been sold by year? Has the number gone up, down, stayed the same over the years? Has the general consensus on the RL changed for the better or worse?

Anyway, thanks for the replies. A total jackass rear ended my 2007, not too much damage, but I'll get it repaired and also going to get it repainted Bali Blue while I'm at it... silver is getting dull.

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Year Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline
US SALES -- Canadian Sales
2005 42,593-- 3512
2006 50,193 -- 4988
2007 42,795 -- 4519
2008 33,875 -- 3987
2009 16,464 -- 3546
2010 16,142 -- 3200
2011 9,759 -- 1713
2012 14,068 -- 2226
2013 17,723 -- 2122
2014 13,389 -- 1803
2015 YTD * 350 -- 82

150,000 cars in the first three years, and then they managed only 43,000 the next three years. Thats a huge difference. I'm thinking the slow down in 14' and 15' is simply due to folks waiting for the new one as you can see it started to pick up again in 2012. These numbers are for new trucks sold, so you could technically sell a new 2013 in 2014 if it was one of the last ones on the lot, the same with selling a 2013 model in 2012. This only gives figures for numbers old and not model year trucks sold.
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