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Custom fabrication

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Ever have a great idea for something but not the means to build it....
Check out the links below.

Interesting Wired article:

Details at this WWW site:

Use their CAD program, design whatever you want out of whatever you want, and they FED-EX it to you in a few days.
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That was a really cool article. Thanks for posting it. I wonder how it will play out as time marches on.

I remember when CD's first appeared on the market and it was a distant possibility that "one day" we would be able to create our own CD's. I had visions of this large machine used to mass produce Compact Discs that was wildly expensive. Then one day CD burners were available and in a short time their price tag dropped. How fast did that happen! I think the article is dead on about our kids being able to design and create their own stuff at home in the not so distant future. Very cool stuff.
Very cool articles. I'm amazed at how they simulate the machinist. I recently bought a small CNC milling machine and the 3d software has a very steep learning curve. I've made a few custom parts for my R/C cars but I assure you that I've created a very impressive scrap pile so far. I'm surprised his guitar turned out as well as it did for a first draft.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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