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I thought about LED's when my dash and radio lights started burning out about a year ago. Instead of worrying about polarity of the LED's, I went to a radio shack going out of business and bought the smallest grain of wheat bulbs they had and replaced all of the OEM bulbs with the radio shack ones. Since they are incandescent there is no need to worry about polarity. Just twist out the old bulbs, remove them from the plastic mount, insert the new bulbs and bend the leads over, then twist the plastic mount back into the dash.

The grain of wheat's were 2 for .99 and I was even able to put the colored caps on them just like the OEM's.

LED's are good and last longer, but they are noisy in the radio frequency spectrum and would interfere with the amateur radio equipment I have mounted in the truck.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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