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Dealer Invoice anyone??

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Has there been an official release of what the dealers arre paying?? I'm going Thurday to work on the salesman and he said he would deal with me....yeah..we will see.
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My lender said the RTL invoice was $29,xxx. (Don't remember the exact dollar). I read somewhere you can take most honda's MSRP and multiply by .9 to get the invoice (basically 10% markup)
Not sure if this is correct, but according to the dealer invoice prices are: RT-$25,437 RTS-$27,571 and RTL-$28,842
Don't forget to subtract factory holdback (the money the factory holds until the dealer sells the car). This is 2% (3% for domestic cars) of the invoice. For example, the RT is 25,437 invoice . . . minus factory holdback (508.74 in this case), the dealer is actually paying 24,928 for the RT.

NOW, you can decide how much the dealer will make from this price. For example, let them have 5% profit (1,246.41), the total base price for the RT will be 26,174.70. Remember the dealer will also get the 2% holdback after the purchase is made, so they're actually making about 7%. Starting MSRP for the RT is 27,700, so as implied by ASYNK, you can see where the dealer is making about 10% profit (12% including factory holdback!).

Knowledge IS power!

What abot the destination does the work...I see it is $515. Can i nix that?
Destination might be a little harder to nix, but you can always try. I got it nixed on my Element, along with all my accessories. But I "paid" MSRP for the vehicle itself. The dealer still made plenty of money off me, but I was able to save over 2k on destination charge and options.
Only trhing that I can add that I was at a dealership here in Canada on the 24th and the window sticker still referred to the price being as "TBA".
It has been posted on Kelly blue Book
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