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I've been looking for a white RTL-T and have been able to find two within 150 miles. Both dealers have them listed as available in there online inventory list. I emailed the closest dealer yesterday to verify it was still available and what was the internet price. He replied it was available and the price was $37,900. So I headed down later that day ready to buy it. Long story short, it was on the showroom floor with a "do not sell" sticker on it and about $3000 worth of accessories on it that is not listed on the website or window sticker. The sales guy made a big production of offering to sell it to me even though Honda said they couldn't. We couldn't reach a number and I didn't want those accessories so I left.

I then called the next dealer to verify availability and any accessories on the truck. The manager said that it was the showroom floor model and that Honda would not let him sell until it had been there for 6 months. when I told him about the other dealer willing to sell it, he said that they would get in big trouble for that.

I haven't been car shopping in a while, but how can they advertise it as available if they can't sell it to you? Ugh!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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